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Smorgasbordin’ at 28

You know you’re getting old when birthdays hardly seem birthdays anymore.

I decided to celebrate my 28th year in this planet dining at a buffet restaurant with my mom and sister. I haven’t given much thought as to where I’d like to eat for my birthday, except for the fact that I knew I wanted to try the high-end Vikings buffet experience. I’ve been to several branches of Vikings and not once have I been disappointed. You could just imagine why I couldn’t wait to try and get a sense of what they call their next level – NIU by Vikings.

I love buffets. Nothing beats variety when it comes to food. Whether you’re into desserts, anything fried, noodles or seafood – buffet restaurants have you covered. If you’re just looking to stuff your tummy with nothing but food, you might as well eat-all-you-can. 😉

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Food Review: Samjung Grill Restaurant, Poblacion, Makati, PH

Admittedly, this is already a long overdue post. However, as I was perusing my photos in the hopes of clearing up some space on my SD card, I decided, why not write about it.

Last July 14, some co-workers and I braced the rain for hot ramen at Mendokoro. Little did we know that the place was jam-packed and that a lot of people were still in line, waiting for to be serviced. Saddened yet starving, we had to change plans and look for somewhere else to eat. Left with not a whole lot of options, we took a cab to Makati Avenue and ended up dining in a quaint Korean restaurant named Samjung. Continue reading “Food Review: Samjung Grill Restaurant, Poblacion, Makati, PH”

Food Review: Filling Station, Poblacion, Makati, PH

What was supposedly a ramen night for a friend who’s bound to the UK very, very soon turned into American dining, which I couldn’t be more thankful for.

I would hear about Filling Station once in a while and I would see pictures of the place and the food here and there. Unfortunately, as it seems I’m the “boring” person who won’t even leave the comforts of her bed, I am quite ashamed and proud to say that I have never been to the so-called Red District at night, nor have I had the chance to experience dining at this restaurant. Until last Friday night. (Thank God for Fridays!) 

Getting to Filling Station isn’t quite a bit of a trouble, if you think about it. It’s within the heart of Makati and is definitely accessible from all parts of Metro Manila. Traffic, though, can make it such a hassle, so watch out for payday Fridays and holidays. Although we anticipated that there MIGHT BE and WILL BE traffic, considering that last November 29 was payday Friday because the following day was a holiday, we sure underestimated how bad it could get. What was initially set for 17:30 became much, much later as two of us managed to arrive past 19:00. Continue reading “Food Review: Filling Station, Poblacion, Makati, PH”