Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast: Home Away from Home 

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time now. Our trip to Baguio couldn’t have been more amazing if not for Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast. 😄

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is a former house that was converted into a charming bed and breakfast. Lucia takes its name from the owner, Lucille and her daughter, Lia. Located at #7 Navy Base Road Extension, Baguio City, Lucia’s is a hidden gem, tucked away from the hubbub of Session Road and streets alike. 


On Booking Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast

Coming up with an itinerary that would work for us three was tough. I had to cluster places that were nearby, just so we could save time and effort. I had to basically research about everything – how to get from one point to another, where to eat, and most especially, where to stay.

I remember starting out with so much enthusiasm. I had tabs on the Internet loading simultaneously. I perused articles and write-ups about budget-friendly accommodations, making notes of and getting in touch with various hotels, bed and breakfasts, and transient spaces for rent. But then, it struck me. We were heading to Baguio at a time when everyone else was. At the back of my mind, I didn’t quite know what to make of the Panagbenga Festival. Was I supposed to be happy that we’re able to watch the parade? More than happy, I’d admit – I felt disenchanted. I realized what we were getting ourselves into. Thousands flock to Baguio for the said event. This single-handedly meant that finding a nice place to crash in for 2 nights would be downright impossible. Or that, if we ever got lucky, room rates would be very impractical and prohibitive. Nooooooo. 😭 

Despite the dilemma, I bore in mind that a task is a task. And no task should be left undone. I carried on with my search to find a decent accommodation. I came across a whole bunch of places, including Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast on their Facebook page. I looked at the pictures of the property and read through their customer reviews. For such good ratings, I muttered wow to myself. I sent them a message and what was initially an inquiry panned out to be a ‘yes, I’d like to book for 2 nights‘ type of deal. Cathy was the one who got back to me, and she was prompt. She answered all my questions and walked me through everything. She was Lucia’s first impression to me, and she was nothing but great. 👍

On Getting to Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast 

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is nestled in the quiet part of the city. To be honest, it wasn’t an easy find at first. From the bus terminal, we took a cab to Navy Base Road Extension. Cathy was kind enough to provide us landmarks, just to make sure we were headed the right direction. Unfortunately, like all first-time travelers, we got lost and took quite a detour. Turns out, the driver hit the road opposite to the one we were supposed to take. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before we reached the place. And even from the gate, overlooking what was inside, I knew I was going to fall in love. 😊

On Staying at Lucia’s

Lucia’s is a breath of fresh air. It’s not at all hard to imagine where it gets all its praises from. The place is ideal for the quiet-seekers – couples, friends, and families altogether. It’s perfect for reunions, group outings and even teambuildings!


Everything about Lucia’s was great. But what I really enjoyed the most boiled down to three things: the ambience, the breakfast, and the people. 😊

The Ambience

Parts of the house were remade when it was turned into a bed and breakfast. However, we were told that most of it were kept as is, to preserve and maintain its original form and character. The decorations though, were totally a different story. Each was unique, creative and might I add, Instagram-worthy!



We stayed at the Laugh room. From the entrance door, it was the first room to the left. The Laugh room is good for 3-4 people. It comes with two beds, a Queen and a single. Apart from that, the room has its own bath, equipped with a water heater. There’s also a counter where the electric fan sits, a cabinet, and a bedside table with a cutesy nightlamp. What I truly liked about our room is the fact that it was spacious, simple and that it gave off a particularly relaxing vibe. (Blaming it on the dainty yellow sheets and duvet! 😉


The whole property is filled with inspiring quotes and catchphrases. Our room was no exception.


Despite all things good, a little heads-up to future guests, there are no televisions in their rooms. This has not been a big deal for us, since we didn’t go all the way up north just so we could watch TV. Because sometimes, it pays off to disconnect yourself from the noises and make-believes, and simply revel in the mundane and embrace that state of tranquility instead. But for those who can’t resist, there is Wi-Fi service. There is barely a signal when you’re inside the room, but right where the common area is, it gets pretty strong. 

Adjacent to the living room is the indoor dining area on the right and the kitchen on the left. You can stuff items in the fridge and source drinking water, free of charge. Sometimes, they permit the use of the kitchen for cooking, but certain arrangements need to be made with the management prior.

From the main gate, there are parking spaces available on the left side of the property. Right across is a sloping walkway that descends to the back end of the lot where the outdoor dining area and bonfire are located.



What’s even more interesting is that when you walk down the path, the walls are filled with murals of positivity. Now, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? 




The Breakfast

Part of the whole Lucia’s experience is their signature breakfast. What makes them stand out among the rest is how they craft their meals. All the dishes they serve are concocted ingeniously from scratch. Everything is naturally prepared from the marinade down to the bread. At least we know, the food is made with love, and is definitely healthy. 👍

On our second day, we had strawberry-glazed longganisa, sayote tops with salted egg salad, and a combination of Baguio-grown black and red rice. (If my memory serves me right. 😓)


On the third day, we were in for a Western treat. We had sausage on what appeared to be English muffins, egg quiche and lettuce salad topped with tangerines and strawberries, dressed in vinaigrette. The chef, Emerson, pretty much admitted that this was their version of the McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin. Not bad, I must say. It comes really close, if not better. 😉


What made it extra special was the cozy dining set-up and the idea of breakfast al fresco – in Baguio, no less.





The People

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast owes its success to the wonderful people behind it, from the owner herself, down to the caretakers. Their service is unparalled and their hospitality, genuine.

Our entire stay with them has been nothing but peachy keen. Lucia’s takes care of all their guests and looks after their safety, which is why, as part of their house rules, they ask for everyone’s commitment to abide by the 11 p.m. curfew.

But if there’s one thing I’d always remember, it is their kindness and willingness to go the extra mile for their guests – literally and figuratively. I’ve seen it first-hand and can definitely vouch for it any time. 👍

So, to the whole Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast family especially to Cathy, Emerson and Jona– thank you for making our weekend in Baguio truly memorable. Apart from all the sights we’ve seen, it is with you that Baguio has left such an imprint in my heart. To the owner, Lucille – we would’ve loved to meet you. Thank you for sharing your humble abode with us.


To know more about Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast and their room rates, find them on Facebook at 😉

Ciao for now,



Author: heartinanutshell

Neri is a twenty-something who loves to write about her interests, which include food and travel, to name a few. She is a registered nurse by profession; a dark chocolate and strawberry addict; sunflower lover; sappy rom-com and YA fiction fanatic who's happily in love with TJ, her best friend-slash-pain in the butt boyfriend. 😊

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