Village Tavern Experience

Last December 17, I celebrated my birthday dinner with my mom and sister. We agreed to dine at Village Tavern in Bonifacio Global City. Reason for which was we wanted a classy new place to visit, with good food, of course.

Getting to BGC was not as troublesome as we thought it would be. Usually, places like BGC would be one of the go-to spots on a Saturday evening. Traffic though, was bearable that time. Thank God.

The place itself was easy to find. Although, we made a total roundabout just because I couldn’t read directions properly. 😫😫

But when we got there, we were greeted by its fine ambience. Outside were tables for al fresco diners. We were in such a rush to get inside, that we forgot to take a picture of the restaurant from the outside. What can you say, past 7 in the evening and we were just dying to have our tummies filled with something!

The interior

We were a group of three that got seated right by the entrance door beside the window. From my view, that’s how the rest of the place looked like. Two long tables with high chairs right across the entrance and more tables on the farther side toward the back of the room. A bar was located at the back of our table. Walk a few steps, you’ll see that they have a tall wine rack which housed their fine collection. The farther side of the room also had a television for sports enthusiasts! Isn’t that cool?

One good thing about this place was their staff. Courteous and attentive from the very beginning. As soon as we were seated, we were handed our menus. Service turnaround time was pretty fast. Our orders didn’t take too long to be served. They even made sure to serve us bread while we waited.

So, what did we get? We got their Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad; their 8 Oz. ribeye steak with two sides, mashed potato and their signature flavored rice; and their Spaghetti Al Vongole.

First off, the Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad. This is not your typical potato salad. I’m no salad lover, but this one did it for me. What I liked about it was how flavorful the tuna had tasted and how well it complemented the baby potatoes and the rest of the salad. Oh and did I mention, crab fat dressing? Yes that’s right. This surely is a must-try!

Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad

The next thing they served was the ribeye steak with the sides. To be honest, judging the steak from when they served it, it looked really dry. Like the element of juiciness was missing. The flavor and presentation were okay. One thing that disappointed me was the steak’s level of doneness. I had asked for medium well and what came out was rather overcooked. 😐😐

The steak
Ribeye steak with mashed potato and VT rice

The side dishes that came with the steak were another story. The mashed potato was good in its own light. The Village Tavern rice however, exceeded my expectations. There was too much umami in one bowl. What stood out was how perfectly all the ingredients blended in, which ultimately rendered a gastronomic experience.

The final dish that we had was the Spaghetti Al Vongole. Cooked in white wine and tossed with clams, this was pretty awesome. The wine came out strong, but we had a lemon squeezed in to neutralize the flavor. The clams were cooked to perfection. And the noodles, al dente!

Spaghetti Al Vongole

Overall, I enjoyed this dining experience. The place just had a fine aura to it. The people were friendly. The food was delicious, although the steak was sort of a letdown. The prices weren’t cheap, but for all intents, they were reasonable.

This place would be perfect for families who want to get together and friends who want to chill. I know for sure I’d like to be back to try out their other dishes.

Verdict: 👍

That’s us by the way

Until next time,



Author: heartinanutshell

Neri is a twenty-something who loves to write about her interests, which include food and travel, to name a few. She is a registered nurse by profession; a dark chocolate and strawberry addict; sunflower lover; sappy rom-com and YA fiction fanatic who's happily in love with TJ, her best friend-slash-pain in the butt boyfriend. 😊

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